Sponsors & Supporters

Friends of the iStrive Community

We are eternally grateful to the individuals and organizations who support our mission!

Our organization depends on community support – from businesses and organizations that can provide event space, food, or music to people who can offer their expertise and talent to provide enriching opportunities for individuals with special needs. Please contact Kim at kim@iStrivecommunity.org or Michele at michele@iStrivecommunity.org to discuss how you can make an impact and help change lives forever.

Alexis Hermann

Thank you Alexis for donating your time and artistic talent at our art events for our special needs participants. Alexis has a good understanding of this population as she has a son with special needs and is an art teacher at Manasquan High School. Alexis’s art programs are specifically designed for all levels. 

HOPS for Awareness

Thank you HOPS for Awareness for your yearly donations to support our theater events to improve the lives of individuals with special needs.

Red Bank Elks Club No. 233

Thank you Red Bank Elks Club No. 233 for supporting our social programs! We are so grateful for your support!

ZR Fit and Wellness
Zach and Stacey and the staff at ZR Fit specialize in adaptive and inclusive fitness and utilize the principles of applied behavior analysis for sports and athletic training to teach and reinforce skills. The ZR Fit team donates 2 hours of fitness specially designed for our participants with special needs.
Special Needs Funding Coach

Don Brown and his team specialize in helping families with special needs loved ones plan for their unique situations and enjoy more financial confidence and security.

Urban Coalhouse

True to the Craft. Urban Coalhouse generously donated Gluten free pizzas

Val's Tavern

A landmark Jersey Shore tavern that graciously donated pizzas.

Lupo Pizzeria

Just a cool spot making quality pizza pies. Lupo employs our population and donated pizzas for our event.


Your donation goes right to work to help impact the lives of individuals with Specials Needs, creating opportunities for community integration, housing, and so much more.